Atlantis, Twin Flames and the Divine Union Within


Lots of people are coming into contact with their twin flames in this lifetime , as our consciousness is rising and we are uniting the polar forces within us , we see this reflected into the outer world as our actual twin flame in the flesh appearing. We would’ve known our twin flame lifetimes ago when our personal vibration was high, before our energy systems split into the realms of duality and we were whole and connected to source living in a higher dimensions. Just like the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, in the times of ancient Atlantis ,twin flames were so consciously aware, we lived in bliss and harmony. The frequencies of unconditional love run through the energetic veins of Atlantis , through the cities and into all of our hearts. We were connected , peaceful and consciously aware. We recognised our twin so easily as we knew ourselves so well, of course we could recognise each other as we were so in rhythm with the universal energies that flowed though us. We had many incarnations in these times were we developed advanced technology , and worked with the universal forces for the good of all and had the highest intentions. In some ways we were quite naive in our souls, being so innocent and pure. But then things changed when the cosmic energies started to shift and so we began to fall in our consciousness and falling into the more dense lower dimensions. We were Influenced by darker forces which wanted to use the technology and energies for their own selfish needs. And so temptations overcame and we started to become more unconscious in our actions , hurting one another in different ways. Fear and disconnection started to spread like an infection through the cities vibrations and into our hearts. More and more we started to lose connection to each other’s hearts and more and more we fell, falling from grace so hard we felt like we were so alone. And the more alone and fearful we become the more we acted in ways that was not of the highest orders. We created karma with the ones we hurt and the ones we went to war with. Our twins were ripped from us and repelled away from us , as the lower energies cannot sustain such a high connection. And as the outside world is a reflection of the inner worlds, this separation mirrored the split in our energy system. We incarnated totally isolated and separate from our twin flames and we became more and more unconscious of it, having amnesia and reincarnating into more and more dense lifetimes. We lived in duality and conflict rather than oneness and harmony. After many many unconscious lifetimes we are now rising up again in our consciousness and remembering past lives, and coming into contact with our twin flames and remembering our soul families. As we get closer and closer to unifying our own divine masculine and divine feminine energies within we see it reflected by coming into contact with our twin flames. But there may be obstacles in the way of you and twin flame being together, such as cultural differences , class, living in different countries or perhaps you are already married and it’s juts too complicated to be together. This is just reflecting the work that still needs to be done in order for the ultimate divine union within. We still have to live out some of the karma we have which means honouring commitments to soul mates (different than twin flames) to aid each other’s growth, and we have to work on our own feeling of isolations and sepration and heal the split within us before we can sustain the energy of the twin flames presence, perhaps you have been in contact but it rubs your ego so much it is impossible to be around them without an argument, we have probaly had past lives with the twin flame were we were at war with each other , enemies on the opposite side of each other so we have to work on taking responsibility and forgiveness. Again reflecting the consciousness split we have within. Ultimately the work has to be done within, lots of mediations, releasing pain, trauma and learning forgiveness. Use your triggers as a guide to what needs healing. Because for some people the union is so close we have been witness to the physical twin flame outside of ourselves appearing to show us what is possible. But it is the divine union within which is the most crucial part of it all, seeing the twin on the outside will be the cherry on the cake. Once both twins are at a place where they have got close to divine union within and they can sustain each other’s energy in the physical they can reunite like Adam and Eve and be the final catalyst for enlightenment. But know that enlightenment happens from within. No outside force can do it for you permanently, so if you are relying on the twin to enlighten you, you will crash as soon as they leave you again leaving you isolated and rejected showing what needs to be healed. When you have achieved the divine union within , you won’t even need your twin flame physically and yet they will be there as you realise you were never seperate.
If you know who your twin flame is and yet can’t be with them for whatever reason, take comfort in this , they are within you and you within them, meditate and do the inner work to unify your own energies. They will come when you are not desperate for the connection because you have already made the connection within, lots of meditation , and work on this, you may incarnate in the next life and suddenly it is all in divine timing and reality shifts and you are together again enjoying such a connection. It’s Sod’s law but when you don’t need them they are there ! When you desperately need them it may be more beneficial for your souls growth to not rely on them for your connection to oneness , this is were we learn the art of patience, acceptance, self love and surrender

Have you met your twin flame ? Or do you know who they are but they don’t recognise you yet? Are their obstacle in the way making it impossible to stay in contact with your twin flame? Send me a message as I would love to hear your own experiences and views on the twin flame union.